Concept art vs. Illustration

This article ought to clear some things up for people interested in the industry of game/cartoon/movie design. There certainly is a thin line between regular illustrators and concept artists. The main difference, as the article suggests, is in that one concentrates more on the atmosphere and the general ‘look’ of a piece, while the other is more refined, detailed, but perhaps does not have an idea that needs to be developed further.



Inspirational Website #1: Style

One of the most interesting sites of its kind that I’ve seen. It was commissioned by Microsoft to promote the new IE9. Its an experience, at the very least! New and intriguing…I don’t know about the product, but the promotional material is a breath of fresh, grungy air. 


Colasa: Graffiti with a Twist

Stenciling can get a bit repetitive. Thank god there’s a new and twisted mind that comes around every so often to brighten things up a bit…or rather, to anhiliate any lightness within sight. Its 6 feet under for the old…and the tombstone – images with such haunting beauty that you never once feel sorry for their ancestors resting in the ground.ImageImageImageImage


Dig a little deeper…bring a shovel:



I would offer a description of this comic, but a lot of sources have already said it better than I possibly could. Nevertheless, its style of story-telling and the cyberpunk graphics offer a source of inspiration to any aspiring illustrator. There’s nothing like a good comic book that sends the right message.

Speaking of those sources:

Metamorphosis – Franz vs. Hunter

Yes, its just an advertisement, but as far as advertisements go its one of the better ones out there! Franz Kafka and Hunter S. Thompson. A recipe for disaster with the potential to be brilliant. And by brilliant, I mean it will mess with your head – if not through the fast paced, disoriented monologue then through the morphing illustrations on the screen. Just try to forget the half drawn face – the dark shaded aviators, the fisherman’s hat and the long skinny cigarette burning a red rose into the monitor. It hits the spot…”with an eerie accuracy.”Image

Click here for the Video: