Paths of Hate


Great illustrations and mood run throughout the whole video. The color scheme is bleak but eye-catching – it adds to the atmosphere without being distracting. The cross-hatching on the faces capture the right set of emotions. Overall, a brilliantly done animation…with the stark red colors for the end credits.


Carne Griffiths: Exploration

Obviously, tea and alcohol make a great contribution to artistic expression – and not just in terms of soothing the soul.

Carne Griffiths uses inks, graphite and other liquids (mostly spirits) to create works of art that do not stick to the regular shapes and outlines of things. Like some strange dreamscapes the more you look at them, the more you see and the less you know.

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Concept art vs. Illustration

This article ought to clear some things up for people interested in the industry of game/cartoon/movie design. There certainly is a thin line between regular illustrators and concept artists. The main difference, as the article suggests, is in that one concentrates more on the atmosphere and the general ‘look’ of a piece, while the other is more refined, detailed, but perhaps does not have an idea that needs to be developed further.


Metamorphosis – Franz vs. Hunter

Yes, its just an advertisement, but as far as advertisements go its one of the better ones out there! Franz Kafka and Hunter S. Thompson. A recipe for disaster with the potential to be brilliant. And by brilliant, I mean it will mess with your head – if not through the fast paced, disoriented monologue then through the morphing illustrations on the screen. Just try to forget the half drawn face – the dark shaded aviators, the fisherman’s hat and the long skinny cigarette burning a red rose into the monitor. It hits the spot…”with an eerie accuracy.”Image

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Grzegorz Domaradzki: Graphic Design/Illustration

Digital and analogue art meeting half way: the result speaks for itself.

The black and white cross hatching – the deeds of the hand – and the clean, slick look of the computer generated colors – the deeds of countless little pixels – combine to create the perfect world of imagination. Grzegorz Domaradzki’s portfolio is a clash of colors and grays. The pieces hold power, the expressions are flawless, unspoiled and truthful – each face a mirror of internal conflict, love, betrayal…

Clicking on each project, one can see the detailed approach used by the artist. He seamlessly combines graphic elements with fine art – the cyborg realm in perfect harmony with the human one.

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Michal Mozolewski: Photography Manipulation

The mysterious vibes that are subtle yet dominating in Michal Mozolewski‘s pieces inspire an atmosphere of gloom and uncertainty. While at times his images create the illusion of being blatantly cruel, most of the time, he hides the torment of each twisted body behind relatively light-hearted colors (baby blues, pinks and greens).

Listing through his online gallery is like going on a journey without a road map, but the destination is clear as day: absolute confusion.

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